How to say the time in English?


In English we use “past” to say times after the hour until half past, or 30 minutes past the hour.

It’s twenty past nine

We use “to” to say times before the hour from 31 minutes until the full hour.

It’s twelve to ten

In English we use o’clock only at the full hour.

It’s five o’clock

We use “quarter” to say 15 minutes.

It’s quarter (15 minutes) to six

We use “half” to say 30 minutes.

It’s half (30 minutes) past seven

We can also just say the numbers in groups of two.

It’s seven twenty-five

When speaking about the different times of the day we often use: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening

It’s ten past ten in the morning

Be careful! In English we use at night NOT in the night

It’s eleven past ten at night



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