Plural of Nouns

Generally we add “s” to the singular:

egg-eggs; pear-pears; boy-boys; day-days

We add “es” to nouns ending in -s, -ss, -x, -ch, -sh, -z, -o:

bus-buses; glass-glasses; box-boxes; church-churches;

dish-dishes; buzz-buzzes; potato-potatoes

Nouns ending in consonant+ -y → –ies

library → libraries  city → cities

Nouns ending in -f/-fe → –ves:

leaf → leaves knife → knives

Irregular plurals:

man → men

woman → women

child → children

foot → feet

tooth → teeth

mouse → mice

person → people

sheep → sheep

fish → fish

Some nouns are only plural:

scissors; glasses; pyjamas; jeans; tights; shorts; trousers (BrE) / pants (AmE)



2 responses to “Plural of Nouns

  1. Dear Sirs,
    On your guide sheet you have selected the plural form of ox to be (oxen), yet on the interactive section one has to choose the plural form as (oxes) in order to get an perfect score for this section. Would you kindly tell me, WHY?
    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

  2. Dear Tina,
    I had to explain my students that option, too.
    I use that site as a link for my blog, I believe it is a simple mistake or a joke. The plural form “oxes” is possible, but the word would have a totally different meaning.

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