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Present Simple


Adverbs of Frequency

always       usually       often       sometimes       occasionally       never



Before main verbs:

I usually have breakfast at seven o’clock.

You don’t often go home early.

Do you always get up early?

After to be:

I am always happy.

She isn’t usually at home.

Are you often at home?

Bart is always late.


Exercises: one  two three

Present Simple

 Affirmative                                        Negative                                  Interrogative

I read comics.                         We don’t read comics.                  Do you read comics?

He reads comics.                    She doesn’t read comics.         Does he read comics?

Short answers

Yes, I do.

No, I don’t.

Spelling rules – 3rd person

work – works  

watch – watches   finish – finishes   pass – passes   go – goes


buy – buy  study – studies

Key words: often, always, never, usually, sometimes, occasionally…

It is used to express habits, facts, thoughts and feelings.

Exercises: one two three four five six seven

He plays drums every day

Family one, Family two, Family three

family treeDo you remember the family vocabulary?

Here are the sounds of the family !!!

Here it is : ONE TWO THREE