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Present Simple


Present Simple

 Affirmative                                        Negative                                  Interrogative

I read comics.                         We don’t read comics.                  Do you read comics?

He reads comics.                    She doesn’t read comics.         Does he read comics?

Short answers

Yes, I do.

No, I don’t.

Spelling rules – 3rd person

work – works  

watch – watches   finish – finishes   pass – passes   go – goes


buy – buy  study – studies

Key words: often, always, never, usually, sometimes, occasionally…

It is used to express habits, facts, thoughts and feelings.

Exercises: one two three four five six seven

He plays drums every day

Present Simple – to be

Read the conversations below:

Ken: Hello, My name‘s Ken. What‘s your name?
Jack: Jack. How are you?
Ken: I‘m fine, and you?
Jack: Great. Where are you from?
Ken: I‘m from Seattle.

Ken: Where is that girl from?
Jack: She‘s from Japan
Ken: How old is she?
Jack: She‘s twenty-six

Here you find the verb to be.

exercises:   1111 2222 3333

to be (am are is was were)

It’s high time to learn it! Last chance …

There is … There are – exercises


1. Use there IS for singular nouns (one item).
2. Use there IS for non-count items(group nouns).
3. Use there ARE for many items (plural nouns).


Present Simple for beginners!

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Present Simple !

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