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Let’s study for the test!

First remember some vocabulary about the HOUSE.

Then study the PLURALS.

Don’t forget the verb TO BE – PAST SIMPLE FORMS

I've got a good mark!

exercises on verb to be : ONE TWO THREE FOUR

Now it’s time to remember the PAST SIMPLE of the REGULAR VERBS

Here we go again: THE ARTICLES

Finally practice your composition: remember the days of the week, the preposition ON that goes with them ( on Monday…) and the past simple of the regular verbs!


House vocabulary

Do you know the difference between a flat and a house?

There are many rooms in a house. Learn them!

Explore some vocabulary about four rooms in a house:

the bedroom the kitchen the bathroom the living room

About Megan

Megan is 13 and she lives in Manchester in North West England. She is looking for pen pals of her age. She studies at Kingston Lane Comprehensive School. She is very keen on Maths and French but she isn’t very good at History or Geography. She likes music and fashion.

She’s got a big family, a brother and a sister. Her mother is a primary-school teacher and her father is a bank accountant. She doesn’t like sport very much but her father and her brother do. She sometimes goes cycling with them. She’s got very good friends at school and they sometimes meet on Saturdays and go to the park. Her dog Brownie is also a good friend.

This is just a test. It took me ages to get this player. The recording is lousy but I’m working on a much better one!


Family one, Family two, Family three

family treeDo you remember the family vocabulary?

Here are the sounds of the family !!!

Here it is : ONE TWO THREE







Let’s play and learn !

Try some of these links:







Huge !

“Simon, if I had eight apples in my right hand and ten apples in my left hand, what would I have?”
“Huge hands, sir.”

Primavera 2006: The Flaming Lips

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